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Neighbor Is Shocked At His Big Cock

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This kids neighbor was feeling a little flirty and let some sexy thoughts slip out of her mouth. He made a pass at her and she told him she only fucked guys with eight inch cocks. Not one to back down he informed her that he did indeed have such a cock and that he’d be happy to prove it.

They went back to her pad and he told her to expose her tits. If he didn’t have eight inches of meat he would jerk off and go. But if his cock was big enough she would have to suck it and let him fuck her.

Sure enough he had the package to prove his claim of having a huge cock. She was surprised and quite embarrassed about the idea of sucking off her neighbor’s son, but she did it!

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Finding Girls For Sex Is As Easy As Pie

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If you have a big cock like this fella I have some great news for you. It turns out that size really does matter when it comes to younger babes looking to experiment. They know they are hot so they expect only the best. You don’t have to be the hottest guy in town, just the biggest.

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