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Big Cock Satisfaction Porn

November 22nd, 2012 | Posted by Rhino in Big Cocks | Teens - (Comments Off on Big Cock Satisfaction Porn)


I think it is safe to say that this perspective porn babe is plenty satisfied with the size of her costars big cock. She was found wandering around an adult convention in Florida and propo-sitioned for a part in a porn movie. First she would have to make a quick porn tape so the producers could see she was serious… at least that is what they told her anyway!

In reality there was no big gig after this big cock porn video was shot. The crazy thing is that she did it for free thinking there was going to be a bigger pay off later on down the road. Silly bitches.

What she lacks in brain power she more than makes up for in gusto when it comes to riding a big cock. Obviously she has seen more than her fare share of porn videos in her lifetime. She started out blowing his cock with a look on her face like she was a kid in a candy store and she had found the largest lollipop in all of the land. By the time the video is complete she is riding that cock like nobodies business. You’d think it was made of pure ecstasy!

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Big Cock In A Big Ass Melina Mason

November 17th, 2012 | Posted by Rhino in Big Cocks - (1 Comments)


From where I am sitting this looks like a great way to release some sperm out into the wild. That big booty belongs to Melina Mason and the big cock? Fuck if I know, but I wish it was mine!

Pretending it is mine isn’t too hard with this POV big cock video. In it Melina Mason spends time sucking the spunk out of it and rubbing it all over her big phat ass.

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