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Big Cock Teen Addiction

June 22nd, 2010 | Posted by Rhino in Big Cocks | MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Big Cock Teen Addiction)


You almost have to ask yourself, who is more addicted to who? The teen holding on desperately to that big cock or the guy that doesn’t like to bang anything older than a college freshman?

I guess this one is much like the chicken or the egg conundrum and we will just have to let it go…

Oops… I said let it go. There is no way in hell that cock hungry teen is going to let go of his big cock before she has it inside her tight snatch. Big Cock Teen Addiction puts cock hungry college girls in touch with their dreams of fucking a big, hard, throbbing fuck stick.

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Visit Belle at Black Booty Invasion with that sexy ass and pussy… Her face is absolutely gorgeous from that angle, she should do that more often. 

Belle takes two big cocks and keeps smiling for our viewing pleasure, I don’t think she would mind if we joined in.  With that ass and pussy I am taking my my turn at Black Booty Invasion with my own big cock for sloppy seconds, oh erh I mean thirds.

Black Booty Invasion features several black women with fantastic asses getting fucked by large cocks.  They are currently running a free 2 day trial because they are that sure of what they have to offer.  Check it out today!

Mr. Biggz – Shane Diesel – Satin Phoenix

May 26th, 2010 | Posted by in Big Cocks | Interracial - (Comments Off on Mr. Biggz – Shane Diesel – Satin Phoenix)


Welcome to Mr. Biggz, land of the 13 inch cock.  What the fuk, 13 inches.  Consider this the average size for the male anatomy is 5 1/2 inches, add an inch to that and you are feeling pretty good.  Double that, and your are a pussy destroyer. 

Take for example Satin Phoenix, extremely fucking hot chick that has experience with large penises.  But bring her to Mr. Biggz and she is screaming like a virgin, with the inner parts of her vagina being stretched for the very first time.

Shane Diesel take his tree trunk which is dangerously close to the size of the average new born, and tears that shit up.  Satin Phoenix was born a new with her visit to Mr. Biggz.  so if you think you can handle it, come on over to Mr. Biggz were only 13 inches away.

Black Mother Fuckers – Loni Asian Mother

May 13th, 2010 | Posted by in Big Cocks | Interracial | MegaPass | MILF - (Comments Off on Black Mother Fuckers – Loni Asian Mother)


Big black cock from Black Mother Fuckers has the fortune to run into little Loni, who is a sexy little Asian Mother.

Put big black cock and Asian mother pussy and what do you have, Black Mother Fucker. That’s right Loni, keep looking up at me while you suck the first few inches of my cock.  Can you handle a cock this big?

Hope so, cause this Black Mother Fucker is putting all to work on you.  Did Loni handle it all?  Cum see this tight little Asian pussy take every bit of my cock, I can’t wait to go back again.

Gigi Spice – Two Teens One Big Cock

May 3rd, 2010 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Gigi Spice – Two Teens One Big Cock)


So I am kicking it with my little hottie Gigi Spice and I suggest that she should get some braces. She gives me a look of wonderment and tells me her teeth are perfectly straight all ready. Then she gets a look of, “Ah-Duh,” and calls her friend, “Braces,” over to share my big cock between them.

Letting a girl with braces blow your cock is exhilarating. It is like being on Fear Factor. Your excitement grows as you wonder if she is going to puncture your dick with those cock-cutters!

Gigi Spice might be a little wonder-fuck, but her tight little Latina snatch only takes the big cock. Like most Latina babes she believes that size does indeed matter!

As a member of Gigi Spice you get access to several of her friends sites and the multi-model sites that launched the spice girl’s careers in big cock porn!

Biggz – Presley Staxxx

April 21st, 2010 | Posted by in Big Cocks | Interracial - (Comments Off on Biggz – Presley Staxxx)


Wow mama, watch Presley Staxxx get rammed with a big cock… That desperate look on her face says it all, gonna need stitches after this fuck.

Biggz offers several starlets and amateurs getting plunged by big cocks…  Presley Staxxx had a nice set of tits and a nice body ready for fuckin…

Biggz offers a 3-day trial so you can get a taste of all the big tittied freaks getting fucked by a big cock.  Your 3 days may turn into a lifetime when you start getting a look at all of the pussy Biggz has to offer.

Monster Cock Junkies – Beverly & Phoenix

April 13th, 2010 | Posted by in Interracial | MILF | Teens - (Comments Off on Monster Cock Junkies – Beverly & Phoenix)


Hang out with Phoenix Marie and go for a ride in Beverly Hills.  Watch these two Monster Cock Junkies fuck and suck for our pleasure…

Got a be honest I have a thing for brunettes, but I would be more tan happy to slide out and spew in that target!!!  Look ay the gaping hole on that blond bitch.

A Monster Cock Junkies you will several chicks like these get stretched out in every hole that can be stretched.  If this guy could fuck their ears…  He’d do it, watch this sick bastard ram these two as you focus on your hard drive.    

I give this 1 tbone up for overall content.

Her First Big Cock – Carmella

April 6th, 2010 | Posted by in Interracial | MegaPass | MILF | Teens - (Comments Off on Her First Big Cock – Carmella)


Carmella Santiago is one hot piece of ass, look at handle Her First Big Cock like a champ. What’s better than one huge cock? Two of course…

Watch this sweet little exotic looking ho, take it everywhere and ask for mo…  Carmella Santiago will quickly become one of my favorites.  To see this little slut and a huge variety of other amateur sluts go to Her First Big Cock.  

Her First Big Cock has unique content with a reality twist, high quality video & photo galleries, there products are optimized for high / low bandwidth.  They have weekly updates for each product, have user friendly interfaces, available in Windows Media, Quicktime, and Flash with a full screen video viewing option. 4254 exclusive content videos available.

Check out the Testimonial: All in all, I’d say go for the full membership. You can’t go wrong. Think about it? You get generally good resolution, hot n’ horny hussies, and over 100 bonus sites. Sweet! So what’re you waiting for? There’s some jerkin’ to be offin’! – Porn Savvy

Shane Diesel

February 16th, 2010 | Posted by Rhino in Interracial | MegaPass - (Comments Off on Shane Diesel)


When people say size matters they are correct. After all, UPS charges you not for how heavy your “package” is, but for how big it is and at UPS girth is taken into account, not just length.

Jersey Cummings is about to learn this lesson the hard way. The very hard way. Where Shane Diesel is concerned, big cocks come in thick packages. Thick enough to warrant an episiotomy so the vagina doesn’t tear on its own.

Shane Diesel crams his meaty black cock into a new hottie every week and has partnered with a large network. Sites like Mr Biggz give you even more updates throughout the week. Add it all up and you begin to realize size really does matter… Especially the size of the network!

King Dong – Audrey Bitoni

January 21st, 2010 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass - (Comments Off on King Dong – Audrey Bitoni)

Audrey Bitoni

When girls turn 18 years old and are graduating high school they dream of being Audrey Bitoni. Suddenly high school guys are stupid and their cocks just aren’t big enough to satisfy their newly found adult cravings for the big meat.

Audrey Bitoni has been banging big cocks her entire adult life. She is lucky enough to be surrounded by them every time she visits King Dong!

As a member you can enjoy watching hotties like Audrey taking the big cock. Every week they add another big cock craving porn star and every week they test whether or not she can take it deep into her tight snatch.

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Whitezilla – Kelly

January 4th, 2010 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass - (Comments Off on Whitezilla – Kelly)


Asian slut Kelly grew up with her mom telling her about all of the big cocks she had fucked during the various wars that rolled through her country. One thing always puzzled her though… Her mom always talked about the black service men and their big cocks, but never about the white guys…

Later on as Kelly matured a bit she realized why. Out of all of the guys she dated the black guys always had the biggest cocks she had ever seen. That is, until one day when she met Whitezilla!

Whitezilla was a seemingly typical guy. Kelly didn’t know what to expect when her girlfriend hooked her up for a blind date with him. He was intelligent and good looking. He had charm and opened the door for her, pulled out her chair and other chivalrous things. She couldn’t wait to take him home after dinner to find out if the rumors were true or not.

Once home they didn’t waste any time getting down to business. When her eyes saw his cock she had a hard time registering just how big it was. Her mouth couldn’t even fit around the entire thing!

Once he got his big cock inside her tiny Asian cunt she squealed. Like they say, no pain, no gain. She was just going to have to tough it out and wait for him to shoot his load all over her face like a good Asian slut should.

Whitezilla updates weekly and your membership also includes access to 2 Big to be True and Sucking the Big One. If you like big cock porn, this is one membership that is right up your alley!

HD Big Cock Porn – Alexis Breeze

December 15th, 2009 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass - (1 Comments)


Looking for some big cock porn in high definition? Look no further. You found it with A site built to satisfy your need to watch tight pussies get pounded by big cocks!

And the fun doesn’t stop there! At HD Porn they have high resolution videos in every niche. You can even search for and pair up several different niches. I found Alexis Breeze above by looking for big tits porn stars getting fucked by big cocks. You can mix and match the parameters any way you like!

HD Porn is setting up to change your views of online porn. They have ramped up the bar when it comes to high definition and clarity. You won’t find this kind of crystal clear video anywhere else!

Act now and get the low rate of $19.99 a month. This rate gets locked in and stays with you as long as you stay a member. Since they are cranking out HD Porn every two days you stay satisfied. Take the HD Porn tour and check the HD Porn Samples link. This shit is going to blow your mind!

Freaks of Cock

December 8th, 2009 | Posted by Rhino in Interracial | MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Freaks of Cock)


Don’t worry, honey. That’s not really a shotgun in your mouth. I just named my big cock that cause he “practically” blows your head off when I pull da trigger!

And with that he unleashed a torrent of foamy jism into her mouth. Once it hit her throat she gagged and coughed. The white goo shot out of her pie hole and met the second torrent of goo just as it was leaving his big cock. BOOM! The two runaway streamed collided and the ensuing splash came back to slap her in the face.

Freaks of Cock is about the real situations that run around in your head. Or at least, you wish they were real. Go ahead and let your big cocks fantasy run wild. These sluts are game for just about anything.

With 20 sites in the Porn Pros network there is going to be more than just big cock ahead of you. You get sites like 40 oz bounce, 18 Years Old, Sleep Creep, Jurassic Cock and more.

Big Cock Teen Addiction – Dakota

December 2nd, 2009 | Posted by Rhino in Big Cocks | MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Big Cock Teen Addiction – Dakota)


Ever since she turned 18 years old Dakota Brooks let it be known that she was interested in big cocks. She hung out at the basketball courts looking for the next big thing she can stuff into her tiny teenage cunt.

Big Cock Teen Addiction finds innocent 18 and 19 year olds and introduces them to the big salami. Girls like Dakota take everyone buy surprise when she doesn’t seem surprised at just how big these twelve inch cocks are.

Like I stated earlier, she was working her way up to this. Now it is her time to shine and shine she did. Some how Dakota managed to stuff that big juicy cock all the way into her tight little pussy crack. You can see the head pushing out her belly button.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to big cocks and Big Cock Teen Addiction is working hard for your money. Part of the Reality Pass Plus network, is just one of the many sites devoted to guys with massive meat hammering it home into teenage pussy.

Sites like Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks and Tiny’s Black Adventures feature more big cocks. Plus, there are plenty of big cocks on sites like Horny Spanish Flies, MILFs in Heat, Mr Happy’s Glory Hole and more.

With all of these sites you are going to have a lot of catching up to do. Most of them have been open for years collecting a rather large archive of HD porn. Grab a Reality Pass Plus membership and start breaking in that new hard drive!

Her Freshman Year – Big Cocks

November 11th, 2009 | Posted by Rhino in Big Cocks | MegaPass | Teens - (1 Comments)


What use is there in having a big cock if there are no tight snatches to rip open with it? At Her Freshman Year there are plenty of coed cuties waiting to get their private parts prodded and stretched to maximum capacity!

Her Freshman Year catalogs the initiation romps that go hand in hand with college life. These girls have to prove they aren’t stuck up prudes by sticking more meaty cock up their snatches then they can handle.

Sure, some of the girls pout and whimper… But we all know they come away from this type hazing experience better off right? Am I right? Who fucking gives a shit! Watching tight snatch take big cocks is plenty worth the price of admission and the crocodile tears you are going to shed!

As  member you get access to a network of eight sites featuring everything from teens getting their snatch stretched to big tits hotties and spicy Latina sex pots!