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Whitezilla – Kelly

January 4th, 2010 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass


Asian slut Kelly grew up with her mom telling her about all of the big cocks she had fucked during the various wars that rolled through her country. One thing always puzzled her though… Her mom always talked about the black service men and their big cocks, but never about the white guys…

Later on as Kelly matured a bit she realized why. Out of all of the guys she dated the black guys always had the biggest cocks she had ever seen. That is, until one day when she met Whitezilla!

Whitezilla was a seemingly typical guy. Kelly didn’t know what to expect when her girlfriend hooked her up for a blind date with him. He was intelligent and good looking. He had charm and opened the door for her, pulled out her chair and other chivalrous things. She couldn’t wait to take him home after dinner to find out if the rumors were true or not.

Once home they didn’t waste any time getting down to business. When her eyes saw his cock she had a hard time registering just how big it was. Her mouth couldn’t even fit around the entire thing!

Once he got his big cock inside her tiny Asian cunt she squealed. Like they say, no pain, no gain. She was just going to have to tough it out and wait for him to shoot his load all over her face like a good Asian slut should.

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