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Mega Cock Cravers – Londy

July 10th, 2008 | Posted by in MegaPass - (Comments Off on Mega Cock Cravers – Londy)


Londy is a amateur mega cock craver that has a boyfriend that has massive cock bigger than her whole head. Every time he pull that monster cock out Londy pussy gets dripping wet and has to start sucking it like no other girl can. is dedicated to showcasing our love for massive dicks. Mega Cock Cravers is a group of females who came together for their love of oversized shafts. As you can see Mega Cock Cravers are not shy to say all we think about is sucking and riding the biggest cocks around. You should really come see the pics of these Mega sized Cocks cram our pussies to the limits.

Come meet all our real amateur cock craving babes who are actually tiny chicks suck the biggest slongs you have ever seen. Today see them getting their pussies over stuffed here at

Take the tour and browse as many of these massive cock loving beauties as you want. Mega Cock Cravers updates on a weekly basis. For only $4.95 for the Mega Cock Cravers 3 day trial, you can get access to a Reality Kings network of over 21 sites.

Each of them has movies in different niches shot just for those sites. Niches include sites like Pure18, RoundandBrown, Street Blowjobs, See my Wife, and many more. With so many sites having fresh updates every single day you will have a lot of hardcore sex action to keep you busy.

With  the Reality Kings Networks top notch quality you will be completely satisfied. Look forward to see you in the members area!

Racks And Blacks – Devon Lee

July 1st, 2008 | Posted by in Interracial - (Comments Off on Racks And Blacks – Devon Lee)

racks- and-blacks

You guys have asked for it and here it is Racks And Blacks. If you love Big Cock Porn, Racks and Blacks is a good one but with a twist.

Sure you get Big Black Cocks fucking these sluts but the twist is that these sluts have to have Big Soft Tits. That’s right Racks and Blacks is all about big black cocks fucking busty sluts.

I enjoy because there is no site like it on the net. That means you will not see any of the content from Blacks And Racks on any other site.

So if you enjoy a pair of mouth water melons flopping around because some big black cock is pounding away. You need to get a membership to Racks And Blacks.

24 Inches of Pain

June 26th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in Interracial | MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on 24 Inches of Pain)

24 inches of pain
Don’t let her coy look fool you. That spider web tattoo says it all. This young blonde bitch is a freak who lost her claim to the family fortune a good long time ago. She hasn’t spoken to her parents since her mom caught her with not one black man… but two! Dirty slut!!!

That is what her mom and dad said. Called her a whore too. Fuck her parents… or better yet, fuck her! With not one but two cocks measuring a collective 24 inches of pain!

Oh she is smiling now but once she has been skewered by two hard black mandango cocks she will lose that smile real quick. Click her pic and you will see what I mean.

There is only one site worthy of the title "Interracial Site of the Year" and that site is Watch young white sluts get their interracial cherries popped by two big black cocks. Eleven and thirteen inch black cocks to be exact.

Can she take all 24 inches of pain? Not without crying and whimpering but as they say, without pain there can be no gain. So what are these girls gaining? Inclusion into a very exclusive club of girls that have taken the 24 inches of pain and survived to fuck another day.

Reality Kings – Big Cocks&Teens

June 20th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Reality Kings – Big Cocks&Teens)

What is a big cock without a pretty little teen to stick it in? Sometimes you don’t have time to go out to the clubs and find a cute young vixen to take home. That is where the Reality Kings come in. Not only do they have hot girls like the one above, they also have hot MILF, hot big tits babes and more!

The Reality Kings have been doing porn since 2001. First they opened several sites like Cum Fiesta, Street Blowjobs and the site that made MILF a household name, MILF Hunter. Over the years they added more sites and each site was updated on a weekly basis with 100% exclusive content shot by the Reality Kings themselves.

Flash forward to 2008 and twenty-three sites later. The Reality Kings have amassed a huge collection of porn. All of this porn is available for one low price. Back in the beginning you had to join all of the sites individually. Now you can join one and get twice a day updates and access to years worth of archives for only $24.95 a month!

Web sites in the Reality Kings network vary by niche from 18 year old girls to sexy MILF. There are also big tits, big cocks, big asses, lesbians, interracial, squirting, drunken VIP parties and more.

If you would prefer to sample the pass you can get a trial to Realty Kings for only $4.95. It is good for three days and the only restriction is you can only view updates, not the archives and you cannot download the full uncut movies to your hard drive. Each site has twelve to thirteen updates and you can cancel online at anytime. And, if you call 305-695-6720 they will upgrade your trial access by removing the restrictions for the duration of your trial, no questions asked!

Now you know the reason you should bookmark my blog.

2 Big To Be True – Kinzey

June 17th, 2008 | Posted by in Interracial - (Comments Off on 2 Big To Be True – Kinzey)


Dam, it has been so long Since I have done a post about that they have  added so many more girls to it that it’s insane. Incase you have been living under a rock or in some cave somewhere let me tell you what it is all about.

2 Big To Be True is all about a group of guys with these huge black cocks that go out in search of some poor innocent white girl. They make sure that these sluts have never had the pleasure of feeling their pussy stretching to the point of almost ripping.

When I say big black cocks I mean it, they have to blind fold bitches like Kinzey to get them to suck their cocks. That way she does not freak out when she sees the size of their huge black man meat and takes a bite. I guess you can say it’s a gift and a curse to be hung like a horse.

Take a look at their main page they give you free samples of their 100% exclusive content and if you decide that you like 2 Big To Be True then join up. They also post new bitches every week. Sign up right now and get full access to 12 other sites for the price of one.

Brides on Blacks

June 15th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in Big Cocks | Interracial | MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Brides on Blacks)

One last fling before tying the knot? No! These bitches get their fuck-holes crammed with big black meat after tying the knot. And, most of the time the husband wants to watch!

Each week a newlywed couple takes a walk on the wild side of interracial sex mixed with a husbands sick and twisted need for watching his wife getting fucked by a black man. Before each encounter the couples are interviewed to make sure they understand the far reaching complications such an endeavor may turn up. They don’t care. They want it just as bad as they wanted to get married!

Some of the ladies at Brides on Blacks want it enough to go behind their husbands backs! Every couple of weeks the husband walks out of the interview and the black cock craving wife gets fucked anyway.

If you like watching teens get poked by a black cock you will really love this next piece of news. Members of Brides on Blacks get access to Tasty Teens on Black Cock! Plus, there are even more sites dealing with teens and their tight pussies.

Teens Like It Big – Adriana

June 5th, 2008 | Posted by in MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Teens Like It Big – Adriana)



So we all know that Milfs Like It Big, but did you know that cock hungry sluts are getting younger. When I say younger, I mean Barley Legal young. That’s right Teens Like It Big as well.

Adriana learned that bigger is always better no matter what hole you take it in. There are so many teens who like big cocks that it needed to have it’s own site. That is why was created. They have only been up and running for a short time and they already have over 1,600 videos featuring the hottest teens.

I couldn’t believe that many Teens Like It Big. Don’t take my word for it get your membership today and check it out for yourself.

Milfs Like It Big

June 3rd, 2008 | Posted by in MegaPass | MILF - (1 Comments)


Its been years since Sophia Lomeli has had the feeling of her pussy being stretched the way it is in the picture, just look at her face.

Milfs Like It Big, what other choice do they have if they want to be satisfied. As young sluts they are okay with your average 5-6 inch cock but as soon as they have a kid it’s all over for that pussy.

That is why was made. It is a site made by MILFS who are tired of having some average cock just pound away and not getting any satisfaction or feeling from it.

It went from two Milfs who would go around looking for big cocks to satisfy them while they were at their sexual peek and it turned into a MEGA PORN Site. They have over 1300 scenes with more then 250 different milfs taking on some of the biggest cocks to ever fuck on the face of the earth.

So if your ready to see how a milf wants to get fucked just get a membership to Milfs Like It Big.

Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks

May 27th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass | Teens - (Comments Off on Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks)

This is Mr Big. He has a hard life. A really hard life.

Mr Big’s job is to fuck some of the hottest women in porn. It is a hard job but someone has to do it.

In the Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks videos above we watch as Mr Big finds some fucktabulous hot twins in a bar and invites them over to his place for a special "happy hour."

Being the slutty set of twins that they are they take Mr Big up on his offer. Is it the good looks? Or maybe the big dick? I don’t fucking know but one thing is for sure, Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks like it is no big deal. So I decided to grab myself a membership and possibly pick up some pointers for this well hung stud.

The first thing I noticed as a member of MrBigDicksHotChicks is that he only fucks hot chicks. No mercy sex here. If she ain’t pretty, she ain’t sucking his big dick.

Another thing I noticed is that you get access to a network of over twenty sites. Each of them has movies in different niches shot just for those sites. Genres include sites like Mr Chews Asian Beaver, Horny Spanish Flies, See Her Squirt, XXX Proposal and more.

With so many sites having weekly updates I have a lot of stroking to do on a daily basis.

See you in the members area!

Big Cock Teen Addiction

May 24th, 2008 | Posted by in Teens - (Comments Off on Big Cock Teen Addiction)


When it comes to being addicted to hug cocks, race doesn’t matter. You can be a Ebony Hottie like Keisha or a Sexy White Girl like Hillary the only thing they have in common is that they are on

That’s right they actually have a site made specifically for teens who have a huge appetite for monster cocks. Times have changed, innocent 18 and 19 year olds are learning sooner that  ” Bigger is Better“.

So if you want to see why these horny teens want to get fucked right now and only by massive cocks. Check out Big Cock Teen Addiction today.

Reality Kings – Huge Cocks

May 18th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in Interracial | MegaPass | MILF | Teens - (2 Comments)

How in the heck is this mature brunette beauty going to put that huge cock in that luscious wet mouth? At Reality Kings Big Dicks they pride themselves on sexy beautiful girls who love to take the biggest shlongs you throw at them.  To see a sexy brunette get once before tight pussy get ripped apart by a huge cock at Big Dicks is an exciting and cock stroking experience.

Reality Kings is amazing how they seem to keep growing. They are getting bigger than even this huge cock. With the launching of four new sites, Reality Kings Top Models, Big Dicks, Milf’s, and Reality Kings Premium.

They shoot a new episode every week. That means that they are adding to the 3,000 updates they all ready have. You can be sure Reality Kings is going to be around for a long continue to bring the best in porn of as many 22+ sites of exciting variety of niches.

With a membership to Big Dicks you get total access to all of them.

Abominable Black Man – Crista Moore

May 16th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in Interracial - (Comments Off on Abominable Black Man – Crista Moore)


Crista Moore is about to find out why they call Richard Mann the Abominable Black Man. In a few seconds his cock is going to to be so far up her he will be able pierce her belly button. With a cock that big I cant see him getting full penetration.

That’s the kind of thing that the Abominable Black Man has to deal with every time he finds some white slut that thinks she can handle his big black cock. I mean sure they are hot like Crista Moore but if he fucked them the way he wanted his cock would be up to her belly button.

Check out to see if Crista Moore makes it all the way down that long black cock.


Its no wonder PornStars Like It Big. How many of you guys can fuck a girl like that? I am willing to bet, that not many of you can.

Big cocks like the one in the picture is why horny sluts like Shyla Styllez turned to porn. That and they got tired of all the guys that act like they have huge cocks and can fuck for hours and they turn out to be 2 pump chumps.

To see the hottest pornstars taking on the biggest dicks all you have to do is get a membership to Porn Stars Like It Big.

Rhino Cocks

May 6th, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in MegaPass - (Comments Off on Rhino Cocks)

At just $1 to get in the whore… I mean door, you can’t beat Rhino Cocks price.

So what does $1 get you? Sluts that crave the Rhino Cocks. Hardcore sluts that will do anything do get it. Anything? Yes, anything. Like taking it in the ass, sword swallowing Rhino Cocks and receiving two cocks at the same time.

Along with Rhino Cocks you get access to their other big cock sites, Mutant Dicks, Massive Dick Action and Monster Cock Mayhem. When you add in their BBW, Mature, Teen and Bukkake sites you start to wonder what these guys were smoking when they came up with the $1 cover charge.

Black Dicks Latin Chicks

May 3rd, 2008 | Posted by Rhino in Interracial - (Comments Off on Black Dicks Latin Chicks)


Where can you find the hottest girls from Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil getting their tight little pussy’s stretched? The site where you can get all of that is

Just take a look at Jasmin, she is your typical Latin whore. Latin chicks are by far the best in bed take it from me I have one in my bed every night, they aim to please you. They have a fiery passionate side and then they have the freaky side that always keeps you coming back for more.

If you like some hot Latin pussy then you will no doubt like Whether you want a Classic Mexican whore or an Exotic Brazilian with a Big Brazilian Booty they have it all the only thing you need is to join